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Complaint letter (with mobile phone number, e - mail address) Claim/demand letter by complainant wrote to insurer/insured Copy of Cover Note (Policy) Copy of premium receipt Copy of Claim Form Copy of driving license Copy of Particulars of Road a...
The complainant shall pay filing fees of shillings twenty five thousand when it has been determined that complaint is admissible.
Complaints handling Procedure Complaints should be in writing (letter or email) and should be addressed to the Insurance Ombudsman. The complainant should explain in detail the nature of his/her complaint. Documents to substantiate an insurance claim and correspondences made between the in...
A complaint should be lodged to the Insurance Ombudsman within a period of three years from the date on which the complainant became aware that the complaint had cause to complain to the Ombudsman
Contact Info Tanzania Insurance Ombudsman P.O. BOX 2893 DAR ES SALAAM Fax :+255 22 2111094 Phone : +255 22 2111117 TIO HEAD OFFICE 4TH FLOOR, PPF TOWER OHIO ROAD/ GARDEN AVENUE
Msuluhishi wa Migogoro ya Bima S.L.P 2893 DAR ES SALAAM Nukushi :+255 22 2111094 Simu : +255 22 2111117 TIO HEAD OFFICE 4TH FLOOR, PPF TOWER OHIO ROAD/ GARDEN AVENUE
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